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At RootAdvisors, we pride ourselves on being in the business of people. Our team’s tax and accounting expertise is at the heart of our services, but it is our commitment to client success—both individuals and businesses—that truly fuels our passion for what we do. We are so much more than an accounting and advisory firm. We are a diverse group of people who all love being part of our clients’ success.


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 Our Specialties


Our professionals thoroughly understand fund accounting and a church’s need for detailed and timely financial statements. Our accounting experts provide you with...

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We know that many optometry providers actually run two businesses: the clinical practice and a retail optics boutique. Specializing in the optometry industry, we also understand the complex and time-consuming nature of your accounting processes...

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Service-based Businesses

Service-based businesses require specialized accounting, tax, payroll and other financial services—and our firm delivers. Our skilled team of financial experts have years of experience helping...

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